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By Level 8 Flexeran
Level 8 Flexeran

Flexera’s SaaS Management team has been working on a consistent cadence of updating data across the entire SaaS Management UI. The Organization SaaS Usage screen now offers more frequent data updates for tracking SaaS license usage and spend by group, either by department or location. Previously, this screen’s data was updated once per day. The new Organizational SaaS Usage data update cadence is described below.

Important: For Managed Applications that have an integration task error displayed in the Integration tab, you need to re-authenticate the integration to enable the new cadence for updating your organization’s Organization SaaS Usage data. For further error details, download the Execution Log in the Integration tab.

How often is the Organization SaaS Usage data updated?

The Organization SaaS Usage data is updated when Flexera One pulls in new information regarding active/inactive/never active user counts. The new user counts cause this screen's counts to be recalculated. Once the screen's counts are recalculated, the data updates are displayed in the Organization SaaS Usage screen.

Some examples of pulling in new active/inactive/never active user count information include:

  • The application's HR Roster information is updated.
  • The application's Application Roster integration task is executed.
  • New usage events are pulled in.
  • An application's activity threshold is modified.
  • Licenses are added or modified in the application's Licenses tab.

For further information, refer to the Flexera One Help: Organization SaaS Usage.