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By Level 7 Champion
Level 7 Champion

Hello @bmukora 

Could you please elaborate a bit more in details what this feature means (eg: how it looks like from Saas Manager UI) ? as I clicked all the hyperlinks in this thread, they are all showing just the same brief as showing below.


Thanks in advance.

Best Regards


By Technical Writer
Technical Writer

Hi @Big_Kev 

Hopefully, this helps but if not please let me know:

Prior to this release users who are marked as 'disabled' are not included within the Microsoft integrations. Meaning that our metrics did not include users who are still consuming a license but are marked as 'disabled'.

Now, the SaaS Manager Microsoft integrations will include those users who are flagged as 'disabled', improving the metrics and calculations provided to the Software Asset Manager.


By Level 7 Champion
Level 7 Champion

Hi @aswindells 

Much appreciated for your inputs. It definitely helps. Please bear with me (not trying be troublesome, but as MS Cloud app is one of the most important reason the customer chooses FSM)... 

Scenario:  there is no change on user figures from customer MS Cloud side, say 10 user disabled before the change etc.  After this release ,the existing connection will bring 10 extra user via the night import's.  The quantity of 'active user' will jump by 10.  Say that admin also read this blog 🙂 , but from FSM UI, is there a way to 'filter' to list those 10 'active' user which is 'disabled' but consuming license on MS ?

In other words, do we have a specific 'status' for those 'disabled/blocked' user ? The document says 'we  import then as 'normal user' , it's  not clear what status being used - active ? 

Thanks in advance.



By Moderator Moderator


They will show up as 'Active' users in the list, i.e.  SaaS mgt. doesn't differentiate between active and disabled/blocked users.


John Sorensen, Flexera

By Level 7 Champion
Level 7 Champion

Thank you @JohnSorensenDK for the confirmation of the current product behavior what it can do.