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Introducing Additional Billing Center Support in Optima

Flexera Alumni
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Optima Billing Centers use costs from billing data to enable an accurate view of costs across accounts and services. They can be configured in a hierarchical structure so that the cost reporting functionality in Optima can better match the reporting structure of your organization. Costs are allocated down the hierarchy, with each level providing additional splitting of costs into constituent buckets. For more information on billing center hierarchies, click here.

Tabular View is a data table, found in the Billing Centers module, that gives users a granular view into their cloud costs. It allows you to group and filter data, select specific date ranges by which to do so, drill down by dimension, and export the data.

This update brings the above functionality to the next level of billing centers, enabling more granular visibility into costs and deeper analysis. 

Level 3

Thanks Shelby it's great news to be able to use the billing center as a dimension at tabular view level. It would be cool to also implement it at the Dashboard level. And the must would be in the tabular view to also have a dimension for all  children billing center.

Level 3 Flexeran
Level 3 Flexeran

Child Billing Center dimension can now be used in dashboards!

Level 3

Thanks Shelby it's a great news

Product Manager - Cloud Cost Optimization Santa Barbara, CA