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By Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

Flexera is excited to announce updates for the Cloud Cost Optimization Dashboards and Billing Centers.  These updates are currently available for customers to review as early access to allow them to provide feedback before we release them to all customers in the coming months.   

If you would like to participate in the early access of these updates please have your Flexera One Administrator contact our product team at to request details for participation in the beta.  

Changes to existing functionality

  • An updated user interface to align with the rest of Flexea One
  • Improved layout editor - Dashboard reports can be placed anywhere within the dashboard space
  • View Cost Anomalies from the Dashboard Table View
  • Configured Dashboard link to bookmark and share with colleagues, emails chats, etc

Future Updates Planned

  • New Dashboard to show Savings from Rate Reduction Optimization.  Includes new metrics to show detail on the savings.
  • Billing Center Tabular View is moved from the root Billing Center page to the main Cloud Menu.  The menu item name is Tabular View.  The tabular view will remain on parent and child Billing Centers.
  • Improved usability of the Dashboard Filter component
  • The option to view AWS Blended costs is removed from the Dashboard and the Tabular view. 
  • Billing Center users can see their potential savings from recommendations in the Billing Center cards.
  • Dashboard designers can create and maintain a single dashboard at the organization level that is also available at the Billing Center level.  This allows designers to create one dashboard that can be viewed and maintained at the org level.