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Change Title: Changes in Virtual Machine Normalization

Type: Class 2 Change Notification


Virtual machines come into normalization via hardware pipeline (along with, e.g., computers). Currently, they are normalized to Manufacturer-level only (i.e., no Technopedia product and/or model is specified). The proposed change is to normalize virtual machines to Technopedia hardware products and/or models under Computers – Virtual Machines category/subcategory.


The proposed change is intended to address:

  • the need to clearly identify whether virtual machines are normalized or not—if normalized, they need to be associated with Technopedia product and categorization
  • the need to have a single view of all inventoried devices, regardless of physical or virtual
  • the need to capture additional details provided by the discovery source on virtual machines

Current vs. Future Behavior:

Normalization Normalized to manufacturer-only Normalized to hardware product and/or model
Technopedia product/model None Representative hardware product and/or model for virtual machine
Technopedia category/subcategory None Computers – Virtual Machines


Examples: Current Behavior on Virtual Machines

Screen Shot 2021-05-25 at 5.08.36 PM.png

Examples: Future Behavior on Virtual Machines

Screen Shot 2021-05-25 at 5.08.53 PM.png

Potential Impact

These changes will have impact on IT Visibility, Data Platform and/or Technopedia users:

  • who expect Technopedia manufacturer to be populated but Technopedia product and model to be empty for virtual machines
  • who manage hardware products, as representative hardware products and/or models are being introduced with potentially blank values for hardware enrichment data (e.g., lifecycle dates, hardware specifications, etc.)
  • who manage hardware taxonomy, as a new category/subcategory is being introduced: Computers – Virtual Machines


The changes will be implemented within 2 (two) weeks

Additional Notes

Additional virtualization products and/or categorizations are proposed in the pipeline to distinguish desktop/server virtualization from other types of hardware virtualization:

  • Storage virtualization: Storage – Virtual Storage
  • Network virtualization: Network Equipment - Virtual Network
  • Mainframe virtualization: Mainframe - Virtual Mainframe

We are doing additional discovery work to get some sample evidence / discovered data which may fall under one of those virtualization types. At the conclusion of this discovery, we will provide an update to this Content Release Notification with the estimate before making the actual changes.