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A new look and experience for Flexera One Group Management page is coming Friday, April 8th

Level 2 Flexeran
Level 2 Flexeran
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On Friday, April 8th, Flexera will release a new and improved user experience for a new Administration >Identity Management > Group Management page in Flexera One. Before the release, this page existed under Administration > Identity Management > Groups. End-users can access this page, and updated page with roles Administer Organization and Manage Organization roles (commonly referred to as org owners).

Updated documentation can be found here:


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Level 6

A suggestion here, if possible in future,  such blog release for New UI Expierence/improvement, please attach a new UI as well as a current (old) UI will be handy for recording/tracking purpose for such Saas Solution product.  Otherwise once the new feature is released, it's unable for user to track what's the old UI looks like.

Thanks if can consider.