Flexera Ideas

Flexera Ideas has Arrived!

Great news – Flexera Ideas is now officially open! Our Flexera customer and partner community now have a direct opportunity to share Ideas and participate in future feature planning. We’ve taken all your feedback and reimagined Ideas and associated processes to ensure we’re working better together to build product enhancements. We look forward to your participation!

What can you expect?

  1. Integrated single sign on via Flexera Community
  2. A traditional Community voting experience
  3. Clarity on what constitutes a Support request versus new Idea or enhancement
  4. Dialogue around features for consideration
  5. Continued opportunities to submit Ideas and provide feedback on existing ones

Read the FAQs for additional information on the transition. We’re excited for this evolution and look forward to creating our future together with you.


Why the evolution?

We heard the process lacked transparency, especially around which ideas were moving forward to production. Our reimagined experience will offer more transparency with an opportunity for robust discussions.

What will the new Ideas portal offer?

The Flexera Ideas experience will provide transparency on all customer and partner submitted Ideas. Customers and partners have an opportunity to interact with product management to improve and prioritize feature concepts to help ensure we focus on the things you believe to be most impactful.

At a high level, our new process will function as follows:

  1. Submission of an idea: Customers and partners can submit an idea at any time.
  2. Vetting of an idea: Customers and partners can comment on and vote on ideas. The more input the better. Think of these as diamonds under pressure.
  3. Progress of an idea: Customers and partners can track progress of each accepted idea as its status changes. The Ideas status will transparently show Ideas as they are shipped to customers demonstrating progress.

How do I access Flexera Ideas?

First if you don’t already have a registered account with Community, you will need to register. Once registered, log into Community, navigate to your Product page and you will see a new option titled Flexera Ideas.

In addition, we have produced a series of FAQs to assist you in making this transition.

What happens to my existing enhancement requests?

We take your enhancement requests seriously and will ensure these receive review. If you have an open enhancement request, we will work with you over the next several months to:

  1. close any open enhancement requests for products that are no-longer supported. You will be notified by our Support team to this effect.
  2. consult with you to prioritize enhancement requests. We will migrate high priority requests to our Ideas Portal for you and close out other enhancement requests. No additional work is needed.
IMPORTANT: Please note that Content related enhancement requests should not be submitted through Ideas. Please continue to contact our Support team with these requests.

Who will reach out? If you work with a Customer Success Manager, they will initiate discussions. Otherwise, a member of our Technical Support team will be in contact with you.

What is the timing? The transition will take place gradually over the first half of 2021. Our Support team will notify you once this transition has taken place to ensure you can subscribe to your Ideas and follow any related progress.

What if I change my mind? If you have an existing enhancement request that is closed, and you feel it is still a priority we encourage you to submit a new Idea via the Ideas portal for consideration by our Product Management team.