Flexera Ideas

Coming Back Better Than Ever: Flexera Ideas

Good news–our Flexera customer and partner community will offer more direct opportunities to share and participate in feature planning, starting December 2020. You’ve shared that you want greater clarity into how ideas are processed, when ideas move forward and where to best submit new ideas. And we agree. We’ve taken the feedback and reimagined our Ideas portal and processes to ensure we’re working better together to build enhancements.

What can you expect?

  1. Clarity around what constitutes support requests, defects and ideas
  2. Dialogue around features for consideration
  3. Continued opportunities to submit suggestions and provide feedback on existing ones

We’ll have more details in the coming weeks, including ways to learn about our new process. Read the FAQs for additional information on the transition. We’re excited for this evolution and look forward to creating our future together with you.


Why the evolution?

The more than 4,000 ideas on our previous portal made it unmanageable to have meaningful dialogue and to refine short-listed feature requirements. We heard the process lacked transparency, especially around which ideas were moving forward to production. Our reimagined experience will offer more transparency with an opportunity for robust discussions.

What will this re-imagined portal offer?

The Flexera Ideas experience will present short-listed ideas for your feedback. Customers and partners will interact with product management to improve and prioritize feature concepts to help ensure we focus on the things you believe to be most impactful.

At a high level, our new process will function as follows:

  1. Submission of an idea: Customers and partners can submit an idea at any time.
  2. Vetting of an idea: Customers and partners can comment on and vote on ideas. The more input the better. Think of these as diamonds under pressure.
  3. Progress of an idea: Customers and partners can track progress of each accepted idea as its status changes. Additionally, we’ll share summaries of enhancements we’ve rolled out each quarter.
  4. Progress of an Idea: Customers and partners can track progress of each accepted idea as it moves from under consideration, to planned, to delivered. Additionally, we will share summaries of enhancements rolled out on a quarterly basis

What if we have an idea before December?

If you have an idea before then, submit it on the product blog posts for ideas. We will transition these ideas to our new portal.