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Product News: FlexNet Publisher 2021 R1 (11.18.0) is Now Available

Revenera Community Admin Revenera Community Admin
Revenera Community Admin
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The FlexNet Publisher 2021 R1 (11.18.0) is available for download from the Product and License Center. As part of this release, customers will benefit from the following new features and enhancements:


  • Batch Checkout: This release expands on the Batch Checkout feature introduced in the previous release. Now, batch checkout supports
    • All the license file and options file keywords
    • Borrow functionality
    • Important checkout attributes
    • Client reconnect scenarios

Please refer to the FlexNet Publisher 2021 R1 (11.18.0) Release Notes for more details about this feature.  

  • Borrow Cache: A new vendor variable allows publishers to configure the license server to retain the borrow cache, despite changes to the license and server restart. This protects publishers from inadvertent license leakage caused by the deletion of the borrow cache and helps ensure end customer license compliance.


Users can now node-lock the Docker container ID in the SERVER and FEATURE lines of a license.   


Users can leverage a new lmhostid command or new host ID type to display the dongle type information for FLEXID9 dongles. As FlexNet Publisher supports only limited number of dongle models, this functionality will help end customers give details of the dongle model being used so publishers can better support them.


FlexNet Publisher 2021 R1 introduces MacOS/OSX 11.0 (Big Sur) Intel support for x64_mac10 kits.

Note: Support for the Universal kit for MacOS/OS X (x86-32 + x64) has been discontinued as of this release. Please see the FlexNet Publisher End-of-Life Timeline for the latest platform support schedule.

For more details about this release, please see the FlexNet Publisher 2021 R1 (11.18.0) Release Notes available on the Product and License Center. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your Revenera contact or the Revenera Technical Support team for assistance.