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lmadmin - 32/64 bit support with FNP

lmadmin - 32/64 bit support with FNP

Problem Statement:

During the FNP-11.13.0 release timeline, it was noticed that RHEL 6.4 doesn't have any inbuilt support for 32 bit. So, as conventionally lmadmin was always a 32 bit executable, hence for lmadmin to run, we need to install the 32 bit rpm "redhat-lsb-core-4.0-7.el6.i686". which could lead to issues on the production server since it might conflict with other applications they have.

FNP-11.15.1 :

64-bit lmadmin was provided to overcome this issue.

Release Note Statement: The FlexNet Publisher Licensing Toolkit supplies a 32-bit lmadmin installer that can be used for 32- and 64-bit platforms. For 64-bit Linux, the toolkit provides a specific 64-bit lmadmin installer.



Support for 64-bit lmadmin was added for other platforms.

Release Note Statement: Previously, FlexNet Publisher 64-bit toolkits contained 32-bit lmadmin binaries which were supported on 64-bit platforms. FlexNet Publisher 64-bit toolkits now include only 64-bit lmadmin binaries. While the 32-bit lmadmin binaries (contained in the relevant 32-bit toolkits or separately available) continue to be supported on 64-bit systems, Flexera recommends using the 64-bit lmadmin binaries on 64-bit systems. (FNP-18383, FNP-17125; Salesforce case 01270591)



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