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Using the Transferrable Counted Model(Windows Only)

Using the Transferrable Counted Model(Windows Only)


How to work with Transferrable Counted Model(Windows only) a new feature/Option in Flexnet Publisher


A step-by-step breakdown of the process:

  1. Start the Parent Licensing Server:
    • Include a FEATURE line with the BORROW keyword in a license file.
  2. Set the lmpath for the Parent Machine from the Remote Machine:
    • Ensure the remote machine can access the licensing server.
  3. Set the Expiry for License Transfer:
    • Use the lmtransfer utility to set the expiry date for transferring the license from the remote machine.
    • Example command: lmtransfer vendorname -set dd-Feb-yyyy [hh:mm]
    • Check the transfer status with lmtransfer.exe vendorname -status.
    • Note: if you are doing this programmatically you may do it by using the API.
  4. Call the lc_transfer_lic() API:
    • Modify the lmflex file to call the lc_transfer_lic() API instead of lc_checkout().
    • Start the client on the remote system and transfer a license to the remote system.
    • Example code snippet:
      if(lc_transfer_lic(lm_job, feature, "1.0", nlic, &code))
      lc_perror(lm_job, "license transfer failed");
      exit (lc_get_errno(lm_job));
  5. Start the Child Server on the Remote Machine:
    • Start the child server using lmgrd.exe -c license_file -servTransferred.
    • Note: Generate a dummy license file with only SERVER and VENDOR lines and use it as an argument. Example command: lmgrd.exe -c dummy.lic -servTransferred
    • This is sufficient to start the child server which starts serving the transferred feature. But there is an issue FNPX-27110 which is related to lmstat, this gets resolved when we have one feature line in the license file.

More Information

A dummy lmflex.c along with the license file example is attached.
The syntax for lmflex for the attached code only:
lmflex <license count> <1 for lc_checkout and 2 for lc_transfer_lic>

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