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Unable to delete msxml4.dll

Unable to delete msxml4.dll

Observation: It has been reported by customers that they are unable to replicate 'msxml4.dll'. Do FNP toolkit have any dependency on it?


  • For trusted storage based licensing, we have a known dependency on the "msxml4.dll" (for manual response generator UI) but this dll was a part of Microsoft OS (except vista) and we are not aware of any circumstances, where the FNP toolkit keeps updating/downloading it. 
  • FNP no more has this dependency, as we have upgraded this to "msxml6.dll" for few years.
  • As of last few years, this dll is EOL and Microsoft no more supports it.
  • It gets reported as a 'security issue' by scanning tools. Hence customer wants to remove it.

There are known instances (on web) where people are not able to remove it in general and few workarounds could be to:
- rename the file and try removing it (

Another method could be to ""Remove Microsoft XML4.0 from control panel->programs->view installed programs and install the Microsoft XML 4.0 Sp3 again: ""

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