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LMadmin installation failure on Windows 2019 Server

LMadmin installation failure on Windows 2019 Server


It has been noticed by FNP and its customers in recent past that in certain scenarios the lmadmin installation fails on Windows Server 2019 setup.

Reported Error observation: "....\....\.....\resource\iawin32.dll not found"


Based on internal debugging and analysis, there are few checks if performed can help us mitigate this behaviour:

>> There is a known issue at FNP end where fails on Windows Server 2019, if the test system :

- Has 32 bit as well as 64 bit Java installed OR -> BUG
- If 64 bit Java is missing (not 32 bit Java required). -> Expected observation.


In those cases, the lmadmin 64 bit installation fails. - Install the 64 bit version of Java only (Make sure no 32 bit Java is there on system).

In those cases, the lmadmin 32 bit installation fails - Install the 32 bit version of Java ONLY (no 64 bit Java should be there).


Update: As of FNP-11.18.0, this behavior still exists and is under assessment with engineering,

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