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LM_PROJECT support options for FNP

LM_PROJECT support options for FNP


LM_PROJECT support options for FNP


Is there a way to support LM_PROJECT keyword in the feature line so only the users who have the matched LM_PROJECT can checkout the license?

For example, something along the lines of:

SERVER this_host ANY
INCREMENT f1 demo 2.0 permanent 100 LM_PROJECT="ProjectA ProjectB ProjectC" SIGN=xxxxxxxx
INCREMENT f1 demo 1.0 permanent 100 LM_PROJECT="ProjectX ProjectY ProjectZ" SIGN=xxxxxxxx**


The LM_PROJECT keyword isn't available directly in the way specified, but here are some possible alternatives which can be accomplished with existing functionality:

1. licadmin uses asset_info in license file to specify LM_PROJECT value (as asset_info is not included in the increment line signature).
Options file uses asset_info modifier on feature names, when used with INCLUDE/EXCLUDE.

2. NOTICE field in license file (which does affect signature on increment line) and using NOTICE modifier in options file.

3. NOTICE field in license file, and implement a client checkout filter which extracts LM_PROJECT environment variable and compares it to value in the NOTICE field.
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