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How Do You Build a Default Toolkit Build on Windows

How Do You Build a Default Toolkit Build on Windows


This article explains how to build a default FlexNet Publisher Toolkit on Windows


This article discusses how to do a simple build to test that you've got a default FlexNet Publisher 11.7 toolkit setup correctly on Windows.


This is how you do a simple default build (not with your client application, but with the example lmflex.c application). This should be already setup with the default FlexNet Publisher 11.7 toolkit you downloaded.

1. Update \machind\lm_code.h with your keys, seeds, and lm_strength (with TRL keys).
2. Update \i86_n3\makefile with your vendor (it is default set to "demo", so change this to your vendor).
3. Update demo.rc to <your_vendor>.rc.
4. Open a Visual Studio command-line (this is available under Start | All Programs | Microsoft Visual Studio | Visual Studio Tools), browse to the platform directory (i86_n3 or appropriate for whichever platform you downloaded) and build the toolkit by typing "nmake" on the command-line (without quotes).
5. If you want to include Dongle support then use >nmake -f makefile DONGLE=1 or >build DONGLE=1
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