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ERROR: API function 60041 failed, result 51404

ERROR: API function 60041 failed, result 51404


Trusted activation is failed with Error: API function 60041 failed, result 51404


When trying to activate a composite transaction with appcomptranutil the following error may be generated:

appcomptranutil -new -transaction https://<HostName>:8888/flexnet/services/ActivationService -activate <ActID>
Server https://<HostName>:8888/flexnet/services/ActivationService, comms type SOAP
Re-using identical stored request, sequence number 41
Status: 4, Creating request
Status: 5, Request created
Status: 6, Context created
Status: 0, Error
ERROR: API function 60041 failed, result 51404

Additional - the last element of the tuple is the detail error (e.g. comms)
ERROR: API function failed (0,0,0)

Retry (1 of 3)?
Enter "yes" or "no": no


Mostly this error will be generated due to network communication between client and License server, either the HTTPS (certificate is not valid or not installed) or the port number is not open in the firewall or the hostname (FQDN if we use it in the URL) is not pingable. 


1. Try to check with HTTP in the URL as an alternative way to activate

appcomptranutil -new -transaction http://<HostName>:8888/flexnet/services/ActivationService -activate <ActID>

If the activation is successful then try to fix the certification issue to work with https. 

2. Ping the FQDN or the server Hostname from the client to check the connection is correct. 

3. Sometimes the URL does not have a correct port number then check here
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