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DPLT: waiting for logger to connect

DPLT: waiting for logger to connect


11.17 onwards a new functionality of Message Diagnostic was introduced .These messages are intended used to diagnose technical problems that occur During the debugging process, the diagnostic text is usually communicated among several organizations. Therefore, for consistency and accuracy of support,the text in these messages is in English, as is customary in other software applications.


“DPLT: waiting for logger to connect” message overloads the sever log, by logging multiple times and consumes machine space as part of these messages.


To Disable these diagnostic messages if required ,set the below parameters

ls_diagnostics_enabled=0 at server side and LM_A_DIAGS_ENABLED=0 at client side
The issue has been fixed in 11.17.1(2020 R3),hence if 11.17 is being used then go ahead and upgrade to 11.17.1



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