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Broken or Corrupt Trusted Storage

Broken or Corrupt Trusted Storage


Broken or Corrupt Trusted Storage


It is possible for Trusted Storage to become corrupt or broken, even with no Fulfilment Records. This differs from a standard TS break as it cannot be fixed with tsreset or any Repair request.


In this event, errors like this might be seen:
C:\temp\i86_n3>tsreset_app -reset
Performing reset operation, please wait...
Failed to reset Trusted Storage
C:\temp\i86_n3>appactutil  -localrepair
ERROR: Local repair - (50044,71013,1)
Manual activation with appactutil returns:
C:\temp\clmutil>appactutil.exe -served -comm soap -commServer  https://devclm.le  -vendordata CLM_HOSTNAME
KuCh -entitlementID B50515C00F785AA29CD0157
Generating activation request using:
        Entitlement ID = B50515C00F785AA29CD0157
        Expiration = 31-dec-2020
Status: 4, Creating request
ERROR: flxActAppActivationSend - (0,0,0)
There are no (visible) fulfillments in TS.
C:\temp\clmutil>appactutil -v -broken
C:\temp\clmutil>appactutil -v -long
C:\temp\clmutil>appactutil -v -valid


To get round this navigate to this location:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\FLEXnet
Then in this directory there should be a file called, where vendor= your vendor name and xxxxxx= a sequence of numbers. The '0' following the underscore represents client side TS and an 8 following the underscore represents server side TS. If you rename the file to ?vendor_0xxxxx_tsf.data_backup? or something different from the original.
Then go back and run ?tsreset_app ?reset?or ?tsreset_svr ?reset. Ths will recreate TS and solve the issue.
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