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Additional license consumed on client reconnection

Additional license consumed on client reconnection

This is a known design limitation for Flexnet Publisher where the connecting clients checkout a new set of licenses.

Conventionally, for a client to establish connection with Server over TCP IP, a socket is created at server and client for further communication. Now, once client detects that it has been disconnected from server/the connection signature changes (bad network OR change in network), client will close the existing connection (due to security reasons) and establish a new one.

This new socket connection will lead to checkout another set of license, if DUP_GROUP is not the conventional implementation in producer's environment.

To avoid a license deadlock/shortage scenarios, the licensing administrator can always take help of options file keyword, TIMEOUT, which will automatically check-in the licenses after certain period (same as defined in options file) and help avoiding license shortage scenarios.

Please be advised that in future releases some redesiginning (post FNP_11.18) is in consideration with engineering, but we have no visibility on how this behaviour can be mitigated, except the above proposed workaround - at this point of time.

Additional KB on this:


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