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Level 3

xmlsign Problem


When going through setting up for trusted storage, there are steps for defining the trusted configuration with file TrustedConfigIn.xml

I can do the tcencrypt step to generate the TrustedConfigOut.xml and the KeyFile.xml.

However when I try the step:
xmlsign -a ../ActivationSettings/publisher.xml \
-i TrustedConfigOut.xml \
-o TrustedConfigOut.xml

I get the message "OS error code 0x00000000"

What is this error? My publisherID matches in publisher.xml and TrustedConfigIn.xml so that is not the problem.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
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Level 2


I got the same problem both on Windows and Linux. Does anybody know what the problem is ?

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Level 3

If I remember correctly, I contacted Flexera support directly and they told me the publisherID they gave me was incorrect and had to issue a new one.
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