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Wildcard for Hostname and Hostgroup ?


In option file is it possible to use wildcard to reserve some features/licences to some hostnames beginning par by a caracter chain (without having to record all hostnames in a group) ?


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Re: Wildcard for Hostname and Hostgroup ?

@OrMlSLS, the short answer would be YES. But, there are some concerns because of which FNP documentation presents some thoughts on the same.

>> For SERVER line: 

If the INTERNET hostid is used on the SERVER line, wildcards should not be allowed in the IP address. If wildcards are used, the user could easily start license server managers on more than one node and obtain additional licenses.

>> Using Wildcards in Domain Names:

When using HOSTID in a FEATURE or INCREMENT line, you can use a wildcard character in the domain name. For example, the following value allows the feature to be checked out by any hostname in the Revenera domain:


When wildcards are used in license files in this way, you must alter your licensing code in your FlexEnabled application. Use the Flexible API function lc_set_attr to set LM_A_USE_FQDN to 1, as shown in the following example code:

>> WildCard is allowed with IP address based node-locking. For example, 198.156.*.* means any host with a matching internet IP address


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