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The VM (Factory Talk Historian/PI Database Server) is hosted on an HP BL460C Gen9/Gen10 Blade running VMWare ESXi 6.5. The VM files and disks are on a shared Datastore (VMFS 6) residing on an DELL/EMC Unity 450F.  Then VM gets backed up daily using VEEAM. As I understand, VEEAM makes a backup of the VM by taking a temporary snapshot and deletes that snapshot when backup finishes.


The volume serial number B0C53B0B  belongs to the C: drive (System Drive) of the VM (Factory Talk Historian/PI Database Server). Every time we are forced to reboot the server because of Windows Security Patches, the licensing breaks.  Somehow, Licensing is seeing a new DISK_SERIAL_NUM.  Please see below:


12:57:40 (flexsvr) Wrong hostid on SERVER line for license file:

12:57:40 (flexsvr)            C:\Users\Public\Documents\Rockwell Automation\Activations\HOSTDISK_SERIAL_NUM=76525758_Concurrent_20200109012416957.lic

12:57:40 (flexsvr) SERVER line says DISK_SERIAL_NUM=76525758, hostid is DISK_SERIAL_NUM=77375758

12:57:40 (flexsvr) Invalid hostid on SERVER line

12:57:40 (flexsvr) Disabling 1 license from feature FHSE.5000(00A8 369C 5EF6 F76A )

12:57:40 (flexsvr) Disabling 1 license from feature VPHstBdl.ext(0007 2BE5 44B5 4394 )

Is there a reason why the log state "SERVER line says DISK_SERIAL_NUM=b0c53b0b, hostid is DISK_SERIAL_NUM=77375758’ ?



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Could you run this command "lmhostid -vsn" and check if the output of this exactly matches with the value specified for DISK_SERIAL_NUM in the server line of the license file.
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