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Virtualization with XenServer 7.0 and Xen Orchestra

A simple question, we are building with the latest FlexNet Publisher

Is XenServer 7.0 supported?
vmFamily and vmName returned by FlexNet is "UNKNOWNVM"

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Flexera Alumni

The tested and supported virtual platform for 11.18.1 is XenServer 8.0 .


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Thanks for the answer
The supported XenServer version for
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Flexera Alumni

@rmtron The supported version for is XenServer 7.6
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@rmtron , a point worth checking is if you have the "Flexnet Licensing Services" (FNLS) installed i.e.

"installanchorservice" - windows

"./" - Linux (sudo)

The FNLS is mandatory to be installed for Virtualization properties to be detected (with a caveat that, XenServer 8.0 is a Tested and Supported version for FNP-11.18.2)

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