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Sentinel HL Key is not found in Device Manager post-windows upgrade

Hi, we use FlexLM for license serving from a server but also via the HASP driver using USB keys. I've noticed on two occasions (and more coming I fear) that the upgrade from HASP 6.65 to HASP 7.103 is failing to install the Sentinel HL Key (it's literally not there). Yet, on other occasions (including my own test systems) it's perfectly fine. 

You can see the notes here on how to install and troubleshooting which I believe are the correct instructions. 

However, if the customer upgrades (and we've had 2 possibly 3 now) they find that in Device Manager the Sentinel HL Key simply doesn't appear (even if I turn on visibility of hidden devices). This means that LMTools can see the HostID of the key (they are FLEX=9 versions with HW 3.25) but our software does not. But, like I said, only in specific instances not all the time.

Any suggestions as to what to check next please ?


Thx, Mike 



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Flexera Alumni

@MikeSpragg . for custom applications to identify the DONGLE hardware, they would need to be linked with dongle libraries.

Through default makefile configuration, this gets achieved only when toolkit executables are prepared with command "make DONGLE=1" which internally includes "lmgr_dongle.lib".

Please confirm if this library is part of the linking process. Also, have a look at this KB:


Hope this helps.

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Thanks, but that's not it - as the dongle itself isn't recognised by Windows (am I in wrong group) - so no amount of code will detect it (although I do see what you mean - our application does see/use the dongle as per) but this is more of a physical thing. I've seen several occasions where the dongle does not show in Windows Device Manager - as Sentinel HL Key (the Sentinel HASP and Sentinel USB keys are shown).

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