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SERVER-OUT: Failed to send the message(79)


has anybody any hint on what is causing the following issue and how to solve it?

According to the server log (see extract below), a user/host receives a license from the license manager but the license is then given back to the license manager right away with a "SERVER-OUT: Failed to send the message(79)" message in-between:

15:58:03 (orglab) OUT: "OriginPro" marie@DESKTOP-2B537TT
15:58:03 (orglab) SERVER-OUT: Failed to send the message(79) <END>
15:58:03 (orglab) IN: "OriginPro" marie@DESKTOP-2B537TT

On the client it appears as no license is received at all and an error is shown that the serial number is wrong (which is not the case - the serial number is right).

This happens in fact only with some hosts but in the current situation where people are working remotely in so many different setups (over LAN, VPN, etc.) is very difficult to diagnose what is wrong with them...

What could the origin of that SERVER-OUT message be? I couldn't find any official documentation about it.

Thanks and regards


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Flexera Alumni

The Flex communication protocol is a request-response system: a request is initiated by the client and the server responds with a message. The SERVER-OUT message is written to the debug log file when the license server is unable to send the response to the client. This is an unexpected condition. A typical reason for this would be a flaky connection (e.g. excessive packet loss) between a license server and the client.

It may also be worth performing a packet capture (with wireshark) to see where these SERVER-OUT packets are being sent to and from.

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I do understand the response.

My concern is about the following scenario.

1. client requested a license, and the server granted it.

2. Later at some point client requested additional licenses, and the server granted them (but while granting it, it prints SERVER-OUT and released the licenses it acquired in step 1)

The client assumes it has all the licenses (even though it has not), Will the heartbeat try to reacquire the lost licenses?

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