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Retail Activation - Maximum vendor string length

Does anyone know the maximum vendor string length for a retail-activation entitlement? Is there a practical limit? What about for a license file?

The vendor string is included as part of the Features entry value within the FulfillmentDictionary element (schema type is xsd:string).

I don't see a schema-defined length restriction, but that doesn't necessarily mean there isn't some practical restriction in the flex library.

- Paul
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Flexera Alumni

The maximum length of an INCREMENT line is 4,096 bytes (see for example the "FLEXnet Publisher Licensing Toolkit Parameter Limits" chapter of License File-based Programming Reference [ProgRef-LF.pdf]), with the only constraints on VENDOR_STRING, NOTICE, etc., being the total INCREMENT length.

I haven't personally tested such an INCREMENT line in trusted storage, but offhand I can't recall having heard of a difference.
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Level 5

Sure enough, the information is right there in the manual. Thanks again.
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