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Publisher client setup

We use Flexnet Publisher at Keysight for our floating license management. I understand how to set up the server, but I am confused about setup of the client PCs. Is there an API that our software would be using on the clients to connect to the server? I have gotten conflicting info on this point. For example, on the client PCs, our license management software creates a registry entry in user space - HKEY_CURRENT_USER - that contains the port and name of the server, such as 27009@<server_name or IP address>. Something on that client then reads that and attempts to establish a connection to that server. Is there anything in the Flexera software that requires us to put the path to the server in User space? The problem is that when universities try to use it, they have hundreds of users on one PC, and if the info is in HKEY_CURRENT_USER, that has to be duplicated for every user login, which is nearly impossible. It would be preferable to put it in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE (or in a system environment variable. which also goes in HKLM). I need to know if this is a rule enforced by Flexera or if it is something we have control over.

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@BrianWood  Set the LM_LICENSE_FILE or VENDOR_LICENSE_FILE (where VENDOR is the vendor daemon name) environment variable on the machines where the FlexEnabled applications are running to access license files or license servers.

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