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Possible LM Tools Issue

 This just started today, I have had to manually reactivate application licenses (SolidWorks) multiple times today, in speaking with SolidWorks Tech Support, they believe the issue resides with FlexLM Tools, NOT their license manager that uses the FlexLM tools.  Not sure what the resolution to this is, attached are two (2) screenshots detailing FlexLM version, and LMTools view.


William M. Beard Jr.

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Hi William,

Those tools are actually part of the FlexNet Publisher product - so I'd suggest you also post your question to the publisher forum:

- Murray

Technical Writer
Technical Writer

@BBeard9, I have moved your post from the FNMS forum to the FlexNet Publisher forum, as they will be better suited to help answer your questions.  

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Thank you!

Flexera Alumni

There are couple of things that needs to be analysed here. For example, the Lmtools version in use is v11.5, which is no more supported. Also, by the version compatibility rule that FNP follows:


The rules about FlexNet Licensing component version compatibility are summarized as:• Version of lmutil/lmtools must be >=
• Version of lmadmin (or lmgrd), which must be >=
        Note • lmadmin can only be used with components with a version of 9.2 or later.
• Version of vendor daemon, which must be >=
• Version of the client library linked to the FlexEnabled application, which must be >=
• Activation utility, which must be >=
• Version of license file format


So, we need to confirm that the Lmtools version in use is greater than lmgrd as well as vendor daemon version.

Over that, could you also elaborate on the issue that you are facing?

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The version of FlexLM is the version that was bundled with the application license manager (SolidWorks 2017), we have not changed or upgraded any of the application modules, or the licensing itself, in the past three years.  SolidWorks Tech Support seemed to shift the concern to the FlexLM tools, which have been working fine for the past three years, what I actually believe the root cause may be related to network connectivity to the authentication mechanism for this application, as I am required to re-authenticate the licenses manually, once I do, FlexLM and the application's license manager work fine, for a period of time (hours), then seem to disconnect, requiring manual re-authentication once again. Would the lmgrd.log file provide a hint to network connectivity issues?

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It would a good place to start -  lmgrd log and also the error that you are seeing on client, because of which a re authentication is needed.

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We are troubleshooting everything, from network connectivity, to a corrupt license file.  The last time we experienced a license manager disconnect, I captured the lmgrd.log file, and noticed this text (Highlighted in the red box).  What does this mean, and what can I do to resolve this?  Is this a FlexLM issue, or a network issue?


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It looks like the trusted storage licensing is in use and one or more of the TS binding elements have been changed/compromised.

We have a strict rule against certain binding elements, that if change the TS binding breaks and a repair would be needed. The "deal breaker" list is made available in the product document - here is that list attached.

For further assistance i would request you to open a support case and provide the tsf files from server side, so that we can debug it and provide our assistance.

Aparashar, thank you for the info, after 4 days of manually re-setting the License Manager this represents real progress!  How do I open a support ticket, please advise.


Thanks Again,

Bill Beard Jr.

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On the top (middle of the page) in your community login, you should see a drop down option as "Get Support". Click on that and choose "open a new case".

Kindly set the product as "Flexnet Publisher" and appropriate version against it (the one in use at your end).

Also, kindly provide the tsf files for further analysis.

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Thanks again Aparashar!  Gathering the files you need as we speak.

Bill Beard Jr.

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Cannot upload the tsf files on the "Get Support" tab, receive a "The contents of the attachment doesn't match its file type" error, is there an alternative method of getting these files to a Support person?



Bill Beard Jr.


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Tsf files were successfully uploaded via a zip file: Case Number 01887277

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