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Performance issues with Flexnet SDK

Hello team,

We use Flexera license manager in our products to manage licensing of the various features within the product.

We recently integrated the FlexNet SDK into our product.
With this integration, we are seeing a huge performance degrade while fetching the license, especially while using the dongle.

The license checkout operation takes about 400ms (thrice the time as compared to SDK
Please let us know if the performance degradation is a known issue in this version.
If so, are there any workarounds (such as registry,environment variable) or a solution from Flex available?

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Flexera Alumni

If my memory serves me correct, then in recent past (probably with FNP 11.14.1) couple of issues with checkout performance were resolved. Having said that if you are using FNLS (Flexnet Licensing Service), then there are chances to have a slight performance degradation (since virtualization checks as a prerequisite has been added in recent Flexnet SDK). If you have not installed Flexnet Licensing Service (installanchor), then next step should be install it and try. If problem persists then probably Flexera Support is the right place to give a call.

The release note from a previous version states:

"License administrators administering certificate-only license servers that use virtualization features now need to install the FNLS. Additionally, when installing the license server as a Windows service, a start-permission DACL needs to be applied to the FNLS – this allows the license-server-service to start the FNLS. This can be done in lmtools by selecting the “FlexNet Licensing Service Required” checkbox, which applies the DACL to a pre-installed FNLS. Lmadmin applies the DACL automatically when installing itself as a service, provided FNLS has been pre-installed.
Note: producers must ensure FNLS is installed before configuration of the license server as a service: neither lmadmin nor lmtools attempt installation of the FNLS."
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