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Looking for a Java class example for the File Name Generator


We are implementing FlexNet Operations 2018R1. I am looking for an example of the Java class for the File Name Generator within the License Technology definition. Currently the setting points to com.flexnet.operations.generator.OpsMultipleLicenseFilenameGenerator. We need to be able specify a license file name based on the product that is being licensed.

Any guidance and/or examples of this class would be most appreciated.

Thank you,
Michael Burkhart
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Flexera Alumni

Hi Michael,

I am afraid that this may not be the most appropriate forum for this particular query. You may want to raise it in FlexNet Operation forum.

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Thanks Abhay. I have posted this question in the FlexNet Operation forum.

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Hey, Michael Burkhart

The problem you are facing related to the Java class for the File Name Generator within the License is over now the following links helps you to solve the problem and same problem found in random Name Generator.

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