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License terms for linking pthread lib on windows

Hi forum, I stumbled over a new dependency to the pthread lib on windows, as described and solved in

Now my question: Are there any license right restrictions when statically linking this library into my executable together with the other flexnet sdk libs?

If it comes with LGPL, maybe dynamically linking would give me more flexibility?

Best regards


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Flexera Alumni

Hi @frankson ,

You can link it statically without any issues .

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Thanks for your quick answer!   But for our legal department I have to know the exact license terms.  As a software vendor we have to be 100% sure, whether we can (here: are allowed to) use a piece of software in our tools.  Is this pthread lib your (revenera's) original code, which only by accident has the same name as described in ?

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Hi @frankson , 

It's not our code , it is a third party lib as mentioned in the link you shared .

And there will not be any license right restrictions  when you statically link this library into your executable together with the other FlexNet SDK libs.

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