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LMtools utility cannot open without adminstrator rights

We've been using the subject tool for the AutoCAD & AVEVA PDMS software. every time when I open the LMtool it requires admin rights. 

our company's IT policy doesn't allow admin rights on workstations. as a user I find difficult to call the IT representative everytime when i require to update the license or any other operation

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Flexera aparashar1

Re: LMtools utility cannot open without adminstrator rights

LmTools is no less than a license administrator tool, which can govern the Server state i.e. start, shutdown, reread and more.

Due to the power lmtools posses, being a standalone utility, it can govern any specific lmgrd/vd. Also, for lmtools to work, it needs to make some registry based queries, which require elevated privileges.

Hence it is mandatory for Lmtools to be run under administrative privilege only.

Hope that answers your queries.