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LMTOOLS: FLEXID field blank, FlexNet Error -9,57

When I run LMTOOLS, under system settings, the FLEXID field is blank.

I am trying to get a license to work for a piece of Siemens software, and receive the error:

Invalid host.
The hostid of this system does not match the hostid
specified in the license key file.

FlexNet Licensing error:-9,57


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@ethibaudeau FlexNet Licensing error: -9,57" when trying to use a node-locked license file with a FlexNet ID dongle is caused by not building the toolkit with the dongle flag for dongle support.

Connect the dongle  and Build the toolkit with the DONGLE=1 flag.
For example: nmake -f makefile DONGLE=1

Note: You can get the flexid using the command "lmhostid.exe -flexid"


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@ethibaudeau , from what i can re-collect - Siemens supposedly uses the FLEXID as a VDH (vendor defined HostID). Not the generic way how FLEXID is supposed to be used.

Can you confirm what info have you received from Siemens CCC?

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