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Java application fails to connect to Flex license server on Linux


We built our vendor daemon for both windows and linux using Flex 11.14.

We have Flex license servers running on both windows and Linux virtual machines.

 We have a Java application built using Flex Java API and a C++ app using Flex C++ API. We connect to license servers through VPN.

C++ app can checkout licenses from both windows and linux servers.

Java app can checkout licenses from windows server but not from linux server.

Here is the error

com.macrovision.flexlm.FlexlmException: Can't Connect to License Server (-15,3002) (connect timed out)

at com.macrovision.flexlm.licsource.LicenseServer.connect(Unknown Source)

at com.macrovision.flexlm.licsource.LicenseServer.sendMessage(Unknown Source)

at com.macrovision.flexlm.licsource.LicenseServer.getLfData(Unknown Source)

at com.macrovision.flexlm.licsource.LicenseServer.getUnauthenticated(Unknown Source)

at com.macrovision.flexlm.licsource.LicenseServer.getAnyFeatureDetails(Unknown Source)

at com.macrovision.flexlm.licsource.LicenseServer.getFeatureDetails(Unknown Source)


Please let me know if there are any known issues in Java app connecting to Linux Flex license server.

Thank you!


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Flexera aparashar1

Re: Java application fails to connect to Flex license server on Linux

Hello Srilatha,

From the error log it seems a general connectivity issue in between the server and client. So, it would be worth checking if at all the Java client can ping the server or not. 

If so, then it would be worth raising a support case with all the details about the setup, with Flexera Support to have further investigation into this.

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