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Invalid hostid on SERVER line using VM_UUID V11.16.2


One of our customer got the following error from time to time (we replaced the real daemon name for visibility:

0:54:53 (lmgrd) TIMESTAMP 12/5/2020
1:09:56 (daemon) TIMESTAMP 12/5/2020
1:32:10 (daemon) Wrong hostid on SERVER line for license file:
1:32:10 (daemon) E:\Licenseserver\Lizenzfiles\LicDaemonlic
1:32:10 (daemon) SERVER line says VM_UUID=CF002342-664B-22BC-02A4-1902738928B6, hostid is VM_UUID=CF002342-664B-22BC-02A4-1902738928B6
1:32:10 (daemon) Invalid hostid on SERVER line

1:35:11 (daemon) EXITING DUE TO SIGNAL 25 Exit reason 2
1:35:11 (lmgrd) daemon exited with status 25 (Invalid host)
1:35:11 (lmgrd) Please correct problem and restart daemons
6:54:53 (lmgrd) TIMESTAMP 12/5/2020

As you can see, the server line hostid and the hostid "read" are exactly the same !

What is the problem/error ?

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Re: Invalid hostid on SERVER line using VM_UUID V11.16.2

It Looks like the issue is already being taken care through the community portal -02298591.

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