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How to implement usage-based licensing in Flexnet Licensing?

In FlexNet Publisher 2020 R3 (11.17.1) ,quote:

"Usage-based licensing is an implementation strategy for license management and is another modifier that can be applied to your basic license model. It provides you and your end user with the ability to monitor actual product usage patterns and bill or audit based on this usage data.

Contact Revenera if you want to implement this license model. You may need to
obtain additional Revenera products."


Is there a way to implement usage-based licensing with Flexnet Publisher? If not, what additional products do I need to obtain?

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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

Hi @harry_wan ,

FlexNet Publisher does not natively support usage-based licensing, however one option exists to support an Overage-based license model using a FlexNet Publisher License Server.  With this model you start with a traditional floating/concurrent license on a license server.  A separate entitlement & license is then created for an Overage capacity which will allow users to consume additional features once they hit the maximum on the server.  The license server reports this Overage to FlexNet Operations and gives access to this data to both the software Producer and the End Customer.    Please refer to the "FlexNet Publisher Overdraft Usage Reporting" document available in the Product and License Center under FlexNet Publisher Documentation.

Revenera's other license technology, FlexNet Embedded natively supports a usage-based model where you can entitle customers to a usage-based plan with our without the use of FlexNet Embedded license servers.  

Using either license technology at a minimum you would need to purchase the Cloud Monetization Module which includes usage-based licensing.   I'd recommend reaching out to your Flexera Account Manager to discuss usage based licensing in more detail.


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@harry_wan , one approach that might help you 'partially', is with the LINGER based clients in FNP.

Through the client application, using the "LM_A_LINGER" attribute, which defines the duration till which the client will have the count 'n' allotted to the client. CLient can decide its duration at runtime (through arguments) and have the usages based licensing setup for a pre-defined duration.

Once the duration is over, client will have to grab the new set of license.

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