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How to build FlexNet Publisher with Visual Studio 2022?

Hi All,

I have downloaded FlexNet Publisher libraries ( but when I launch "build.bat" from a VS2022 console, I get a lot of unresolved external symbols (_main, _remove, _fputs, _fclose, etc...).

Thanks in advance if you have explanations/solutions.

Best regards,


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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

Hi @pinchoonet As per the release notes of FNP, The Tested Compiler you have to use

• Visual Studio 2015
• Visual Studio 2013
• Visual Studio 2012
• Visual Studio 2010 Professional Edition

so not sure we have started supporting Visual Studio 2022 which is the latest and officially released on Nov 8th 2021 only. 

Best Regards,


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Hi @mrathinam, thanks a lot for your response.

My solution will be to create a C-interface wrapper of the FlexNet Publisher libraries so that this interface can be called by any kind of program (Visual Studio xxxx or GCC xxxx etc...).

Have a good day and best regards.


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