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Help regarding fixing build error.


When going through setting up for trusted storage, there are steps for defining the trusted configuration with file TrustedConfigIn.xml

I cannot do the tcencrypt step to generate the TrustedConfigOut.xml and the KeyFile.xml.


I am getting the following error when I run this command on linux ubuntu platform -


'tcencrypt -i <vendor>TrustedConfigIn.xml \
-o <vendor>TrustedConfigOut.xml \
-k <vendor>KeyFile.xml'


=> tcencrypt: command not found.

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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

Hi @Shivani_209 make sure you are in \publisher folder or pointing to the \publisher folder so that the command tcencrypt will be referred. 

Best Regards,


I have confirmed that I am in the /publisher folder. Is there any other solution?

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@Shivani_209 Can you please confirm the exe/sh is there in the location? tcencrypt.JPG

If yes then make sure it has the right permission. 

Best Regards,

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I am not able to find a  .exe/.sh extension for tcencrypt file. Though it is present.

image (1).png



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Hi @Shivani_209 tcencrypt from the screenshot it seems like a normal file, that should be an exe, can you download it again from the product download centre and check the file? 

Best regards,