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Flexnet Manager requires to re-read the license file every day for AutoCAD

recently we have changed our AutoCAD license server and installed flexnet manager. we have configured the new license file generated from Autodesk site. initially it worked well but after 24 hours the software stopped and error message appears as No license available. then i tried "re-read" the license in Flexnet and worked for next 24 hours. now i have to read the license everyday to work with AutoCAD. There were no issues while we were using the old machine in which the old flexnet version was installed and it was not compatible with new AutoCAD version.

Kindly give a solution to avoid repeating "re-read" job


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Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

Most likely this is not related to FlexNet Manager itself but rather to the change in hardware for your license server. Check the debug log to see if there are any clues. 

Natalie Overstreet Lias
Senior Product Manager
I don’t speak for Flexera, and we should all be grateful for that
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@NLebba , at first we would need to understand that why post every midnight there is the error of "No License Available"? Are the licenses expiring on a daily basis?

Also why does a reread fixes the situation - would be interesting to understand. As in are you adding new licenses to the location?

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