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Flex-enabling a Windows XP application

I have ancient application that was built with Visual Studio 6.0 and CVF 6.0 under Windows XP and I would like to add Flexnet Publisher licensing to it. Crazy, I know, but I have reasons for wanting to do so. My goal is to implement a simple non-server file-based license capability on this old piece of software.

The i86_n3 toolkit for, built successfully under Windows 10, of course, but I wasn't able to build it under XP/VS6. I was able to copy the built toolkit from Win 10 to Win XP.

Using VS6, I created a project for the lmflex.c program. The source compiles correctly, but at link time, many of the system .lib files (e.g. dhcpcsvc.lib) can't be found, even though in many cases the corresponding DLLs are present.

I suspect that if I obtained a suitably ancient version of the toolkit, I might have more success, but the version archive only goes back to 11.10 and doesn't include 32-bit Windows support.

Has anyone else tried this? Does anyone have any advice as to how I might proceed?

Many thanks in advance to any clues provided.

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Re: Flex-enabling a Windows XP application

@tcurbishley , given  with the fundamental changes made internally in Visual Studio, FNP toolkit needs to keep up with those changes and hence it is expected that a toolkit which supports only VS2013 and above may not work on VS6.

So, if you want to build the complete project in Windows 10 and later copy it to Windows XP and simply run, it may work.

But, latest version of FNP toolkit + Windows XP + VS6 -  i will be surprised to see this work.

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