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FNPLicensingService64 using 8GB++ RAM

We have a script which uses a product licensed vai using Flexnet 

FNPLicensingService64.exe is v11.14.1.3

Over a period of a week the FNPLicensingService64 in Windows task manager shows over 8GB of ram used.

is running on Windows Server 2012.


Anyone have a resolution?  do we schedule a restart of the Flexnet licensing service and a outage of our script

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Flexera Alumni

Hi @Damian_Slee 


May I please suggest you posting this FNP product question on our supplier portal ?

FNP experts will monitor and provide with assistance from there.

This portal is for buyer products such as FlexNet Manager Suite , App Portal, RightScale Optima etc 

Thank you




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