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Error Accessing Licensing Details on Linux

I'm having the following problem on Linux (fc3) but not on Windows. What I'm doing is writing a Java program to list out all the features currently supported by the active license manager, and displaying some information I placed in the NOTICE field of the FEATURE line in the license file. My code looks like this:

ls = LicenseSource.createLicenseSource(licEnvVar, new demo(), null);
String[] featureList = ls.getFeatureList();
if (featureList != null) {
for (int i=0; i Feature[] details = ls.getFeatureDetails(featureList);
System.out.println("" + featureList);
for (int j=0; j if (details.getNotice() != null) {
System.out.println("" + details.getName() + "\t\t" + details.getNotice());

The program is able to get the feature list, but it errors out at the getFeatureDetails(...) line. It gives the following exception message:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/certicom/ecc/jcae/Certicom
at com.macrovision.flexlm.lictext.LicenseElement.doAuthenticate(Unknown Source)
at com.macrovision.flexlm.lictext.FeatureLine.authenticate(Unknown Source)
at com.macrovision.flexlm.lictext.LicenseCertificate.authenticateList(Unknown Source)
at com.macrovision.flexlm.lictext.LicenseCertificate.authenticate(Unknown Source)
at com.macrovision.flexlm.lictext.LicenseGroup.validateCertificate(Unknown Source)
at com.macrovision.flexlm.lictext.LicenseGroup.(Unknown Source)
at com.macrovision.flexlm.licsource.LicenseServer.getAuthenticated(Unknown Source)
at com.macrovision.flexlm.licsource.LicenseServer.getAnyFeatureDetails(Unknown Source)
at com.macrovision.flexlm.licsource.LicenseServer.getFeatureDetails(Unknown Source)
at LicenseInfo.(
at LicenseInfo.main(

Again this works fine on Windows but not on Linux. The classpath and everything is set properly and that's the only error I get.

Any ideas? Thanks.
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Flexera Alumni

I see that same exception if EccpressoAll.jar isn't on the run-time class path (including being mistyped or mis-capitalized). Other than that, it seems to work fine...
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