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Basic Usage Reporting based on Report Log File

For internal reporting within our company (software provider with long FlexNet history) we would like to analyze an FLEXnet report log file from our  own license server and running our own license vendor daemon.

Is there an easy way to manage this?

Furthermore, I would also like to give our customers some hints, how they could get some
usage statistics and reporting based on the built-in functionality in FlexNet Publisher to write these special report log files with the FlexNet-based license manager.

Years ago there was a possibility with SamSuite Lite, but the support for this stopped.

FlexNet Manager seems to only address very large companies with thousands of clients and
using this for complete IT infrastructures.

What about smaller companies and institutions using FlexNet Publisher based software products for smaller groups?

Are existing there any useful reporting capabilities in addition to manual post-processing
of the human-readable debug log files?

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@thomas_fiebig  Flexnet Manger is used for comprehensive monitoring and reporting of license usage .Have you considered using the "Server message-based diagnostic" functionality added recently in FNP toolkit? It's not exactly like the 'report log', but quite parallel.

Here is a KB to refer:

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I'd also be interested in this issue.

A client of ours is currently trying to evaluate how many licenses they need to purchase, a process we (obviously) want to assist with. They are already writing an lmgrd log, but what they need to do is extract license usage statistics or - at the very least - peak license consumption. I think this should be somehow possible without purchasing additional software.

@jyadavThanks for your input, but frankly, the article you linked makes my head spin - and I'm a software developer. We'd need a simpler solution than that to assist our client.


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