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Scheduled Maintenance: FlexNet Operations Cloud SSL Certificate Update (may require action)

Revenera Community Admin Revenera Community Admin
Revenera Community Admin
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The SSL certificate update for FlexNet Operations Cloud is scheduled for the following dates and action may be required to ensure connectivity between FlexNet Operations and your applications:

  • UAT Environment: November 28, 2023
  • Production Environment: December 18, 2023

Note: If your FlexNet Operations ALM is running in the AWS EMEA environment, no further action is required on your part.

Revenera uses SSL certificates to protect the transmission of sensitive information between Revenera and your applications. These certificates must be updated annually to maintain operability.

The following Digicert certificates are scheduled for renewal on these dates:

  • UAT Producer Portal (LLM) - – November 28, 2023
  • UAT Enterprise Portal (ALM/LLM) - * - November 28, 2023
  • Production Producer Portal (LLM) - – December 18, 2023
  • Production Enterprise Portal (ALM/LLM) - * - December 18, 2023

Note: We plan to update the compliance wildcard in February 2024 and certificates in April 2024. We will send out another notification when the dates have been finalized.

How does my organization prepare for the certificate renewal?

  1. Pay special attention to this notification if you have any integrations running against the FlexNet Operations service.
  2. If your integration client is configured to use our SSL certificate you will need to add the new certificate to the client truststore. Download the updated digicert certificates attached to this post.
  3. We strongly recommend you forward this email to the group, within your organization, responsible for managing the integration and have them follow the steps outlined in the FlexNet Operations Cloud - Digital Certificates.

What steps (if any) do my end users need to take to prepare for the certificate renewal?

For end customers using FlexNet Embedded Local License Servers:

License server administrators should follow the instructions described in the Best Practice: Keeping SSL Certificate Information on Local License Servers Synchronized with Certificate Updates in FlexNet Operations Cloud article. These certificates have a new intermediate certificate. We strongly advise sharing this information with your end users.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please open a case with Revenera Technical Support or reach out to your trusted Revenera contact. We also recommend subscribing to the Revenera Status Dashboard and the FlexNet Operations News blog for further announcements related to the certificate renewal.