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Product News: Software Monetization 2021.09 Release

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The FlexNet Operations Cloud 2021.09 ALM release is now live on the production environment. 

Here are the release highlights and key release dates related to the Software Monetization 2021.09 products.

Please note, there are no release changes planned for FlexNet Operations Cloud LLM or the Cloud Licensing Service.


FlexNet Operations Cloud 2021.09 ALM

  • FlexNet Operations Cloud 2021.09 ALM is available on UAT (released August 31st)
  • FlexNet Operations Cloud 2021.09 ALM production (planned for September 14th - no outage required)

This release includes several enhancements to download package management functionality:

  • The ability to select download packages from multiple pages of the end user portal has been added. This helps reduce the number of downloads an end user must perform to obtain their products.
  • Improved download validation management which helps end users resolve failed downloads. This is particularly useful when attempting to download multiple packages.
  • Custom Activation ID attributes can now be displayed on the Download Order page by using a new end user portal configuration. This allows producers to automatically replace the activation id with the producer-defined custom activation id.

For more information about the changes above, please refer to the FlexNet Operations 2021.09 Release Notes on the Documentation site.

FlexNet Embedded 2021.09

FlexNet Embedded 2021.09 is planned for GA on September 14th (for LLS) and September 20th (for SDKs)The FlexNet Embedded 2021.09 release includes the following changes:

  • Local license server support for Ubuntu
  • Upgrades to third-party libraries for local license server and client kits

There are also issue fixes for the FlexNet Embedded local license server and FlexNet client kits.

For more details about these issue fixes, please refer to the FlexNet Embedded local license server and FlexNet Embedded client release notes, respectively. The release notes will be available on the Product and License Center upon release.

NOTE: You can subscribe to the Software Monetization Release Schedule page of the Revenera Community for the latest release schedule information.