Product News: Software Monetization 2021.08 Release

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The FlexNet Operations Cloud 2021.08 ALM release is in the production environment. Reminder switch-over to the new Reporter is now complete and the legacy Reporter has now been shutdown on the FlexNet Operations Cloud ALM and FlexNet Operations Cloud LLM production environments. For more information regarding this please see this post.  

PREVIOUS POST Jul 29, 2021 12:05 PM

This post includes the release highlights and important release dates related to the Software Monetization 2021.08 products.

Note there are no product changes for the FlexNet Operations Cloud LLM, Cloud Licensing Service, FlexNet Embedded Local License Server and client kits in this release. 

FlexNet Operations Cloud 2021.08 ALM Release Highlights

  • FlexNet Operations Cloud 2021.08 ALM is available on UAT (released July 29th)
  • FlexNet Operations Cloud 2021.08 ALM production is planned Thursday, August 12th (no outage required)

Software Delivery:

This release provides a beta of the ability to restrict downloads based on geographic location e.g. country or country region. With this capability, software producers can specify approved countries or regions of a country where their software can be downloaded.

For more information about the changes above, please refer to the FlexNet Operations 2021.08 Release Notes on the Documentation site, after the UAT release.

To stay informed of upcoming releases, be sure to subscribe to the Software Monetization Release Schedule page on the Revenera Community.

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