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Product News: FlexNet Operations Cloud LLM UAT Update

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We are letting you know that on December 10th, an update to the FlexNet Operations Cloud LLM will be deployed to the UAT environment. This update provides early access to the Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) APIs.

The Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) APIs enable producers to retrieve information about products and their downloadable files. This is particularly useful for producers who wish to implement a self-service portal for their end customers.

The Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) APIs returns the following information:

  • The list of products entitled to a specific account
  • The list of files for a specified product, that an account is entitled to
    • A compliance check is carried out before the list of files is returned 

NOTE: Access to these APIs requires Basic authorization header. It is expected that the producer user’s FlexNet Operations credentials will be used.

For more details about the APIs, you can access the Swagger documentation using the URL:

https://<customer site>

The Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) APIs will be available in the production environment as part of the 2021.01 FlexNet Operations Cloud production release. Please visit the Software Monetization Release Schedule for the target release dates.

If you have any questions about this feature, please reach out to your trusted Revenera contact.