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Product News: FlexNet Operations Cloud 2020 R3 SP1 is live in Production

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Revenera Community Admin
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The FlexNet Operations Cloud 2020 R3 SP1 has been released to the Production environment.

As a reminder, for FlexNet Operations Cloud 2020 R3 SP1 ALM, the release includes the following enhancements:

  • New user management permissions to separate the management of customer and partner users from producer users.
  • Better handling of bulk operations communication ensures:
    • Recipients are addressed by their designated recipient name
    • Recipients receive only a single email notification when a bulk upgrade operation is complete on a product with multiple line items
  • Support for Account and User custom attributes as merge tags in "Welcome" emails allows for more personalized emails.

The FlexNet Operations 2020 R3 SP1 ALM Release Notes will provide more details about the release.

For the FlexNet Operations Cloud LLM 2020 R3 SP1, the release consists of customer-specific issue fixes.