Upcoming Reporter changes in FlexNet Operations Cloud

Upcoming Reporter changes in FlexNet Operations Cloud

We’ve prepared this article to help you navigate the coming changes to the new version of Reporter and how they impact your day to day use of the product.

Do I have to use the new reporter or can I continue to use the existing reporter?
You can continue to use legacy reporter, though we recommend customers familiarize themselves with the new reporter and ensure it continues to support their day to day operations.

When will the switch over to the new reporter happen?
Barring any issues after the rollout of this new reporter, the plan is to have the legacy reporter available for at least 3 months. We will monitor customer feedback during that time and as we near the end of the 3 months, we will assess the feedback we received and adjust the target as needed. We will communicate any change in schedule.

Will all my reports be migrated before the switch over?
All existing reports in legacy reporter, as of February 1, 2021, will be migrated to the new reporter. Once we've finalized the switch over date, we will communicate a blackout period where customers should cease adding new reports on the legacy reporter. We will then migrate any reports created prior to that period to the new reporter. Any reports created after the blackout period will not be migrated.

Will there be changes to the functionality?
The new version of reporter updates the look of the user interface and may include minor navigation changes. There is no change to the supported functionality.

Is there a difference between the data in the legacy reporter and the new version of reporter?
No, there is no difference between the data available in the legacy reporter and the new reporter. Previous concerns about device fact and addon data not being available have been addressed.

What is the frequency of the data refresh and when will the data be available?
Like the current version of reporter, the data used by the new reporter will be refreshed daily and is scheduled to be available at 5AM Pacific Time.

Will I be able to see when the data refresh is complete?
At this time, the new reporter will not display the refresh date. We are looking at possible solutions to offer customers visibility into when the data was last refreshed.

How do the reporter logins differ between the Production and UAT environments?
On the Production environment, the new reporter will utilize the FlexNet Operations login of individual users who have the permission to access reporter. On the UAT environment, all users with the reporter permission will utilize a shared UAT login.

Who can I contact if I need assistance with the new reporter?
If you have any questions or encounter any issues with the new reporter, please reach out to the Revenera Technical Support for assistance.

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