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Reidentifying members in LLM for existing multiple Member IDs

Reidentifying members in LLM for existing multiple Member IDs

Title: Reidentifying members in LLM for existing multiple Member IDs


Reidentifying members gives the below error (LLM):

Cannot add Member ID <> to Member with Email address <> since this member already has a Member ID.

The issue is with the existing multiple Member IDs.


1. You need to delete one or both before you can add/update with the new ID.

2. To delete, go to the Reidentify page, select one of the IDs in the dropdown, leave the new Member ID field blank and hit submit.

3. You should now only have 1 Member ID.

4. The normal reidentifying process should normally work now.

5. If not, also delete the second old ID and then go back and add the new one.


Only one Member ID is present for the member.

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