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How to retain old activation ID in new line item

How to retain old activation ID in new line item


In some situations, the line item details might be wrong. Once the line item is deployed, FNO will not allow to change the product details. Producer may realize it after distributing the line item details to the end user. 

In such circumstances, this method would come in handy to retain the line item activation ID and helps to avoid confusion to the end customer.


1. Make sure the activation ID is not mapped to any device.

2. If customer is using it, the license has to be unmapped from backend.

3. Copy the Activation ID which you want to retain




4. Make the line item Obsolete


5. Now add new line item choosing new product and desired quantity.

6. It will be in the draft state when added


7. Now delete the line item which you had made obsolete

8. Now the remaining line item will be in draft state.

9. Replace the activation ID which you wanted to retain

 Retain AID.jpg

10. Select the line item and change the state to "deploy"

Line item details.JPG

11.Don't "save" anywhere till here.

12. Now "Save and Deploy"

****Kindly note that the above method is applicable only to FNE Products****

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